Kundali bhagya 7 December 2020 Written Update : Karan don’t want to leave Preeta’s side

At the beginning of the episode, Preeta sees her father’s ring and remembers her father and says that if her father were here, life would have been different. Today Sarla was jailed and she got the punishment for her and Mahira’s mistake. Which was very wrong. At that time she felt the need of him very much. She says mother get bail but the case has not been closed yet. Preeta starts crying and Karan gets distracted after hearing her voice.

He goes to her and asks her what happened. Preeta says she is missing her father. Sherlyn has also not withdrawn the case therefore sh3 is worried. Karan says let’s go to meet her mother. Preeta hugs Karan. There Mahira asks Sherlyn how she caught. Sherlyn says that everyone knows that Mahira hates Preeta and also she gave halwa to Rakhi. Everyone will be suspicious of her and she will go to jail.

Karan thinks when Preeta is so happy then why is he unhappy. Preeta reaches Sarla’s house. Karan says that he is feeling weird. Preeta says why. Karan says he will miss her. Preeta says then you also go with me. Karan says no, he does not want to be a barrier between her mother and her. He kisses Preeta’s cheek before leaving. Preeta gets shocked. Karan says goodbye. Preeta gives goodbye with a smile and Karan leaves from there.

He sits in the car and thinks that he is feeling very bad. He does not want to go away from Preeta. Ramona tells Mahira that she knows what happened is very wrong. But what Sherlyn was did is 100% right. She tells her not to leave Sherlyn. Because she is very vicious and can prove to be an ace of spades for them. She says Mahira you don’t take any decision in anger. She thinks that she will soon teach Sarla and her daughters a lesson.

There Sarla asks Srishti why she is upset. Sristi says, what we will do if police take Sarla again tomorrow? Sarla says they should not worry about tomorrow. Next Sarla looks at Preeta and says that she is mad that Preeta is seen Preeta here. Sristi says Preeta is really here. Sarla hugs her.

Mahira wants to apologize to Sherlyn. Sarla says how did she come here. If she quarrel with Karan. Preeta says no she just missing her so she came here. Sarla’s eyes become moist. And she says that Preeta is scared. But they have faced every trouble, so there is nothing to worry about.

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