Kumkum bhagya 7 December 2020 Written Update :Alia’s words hurt Pragya

At the beginning of the episode, Sarita tells Pragya that not all relationships are the same. Prachi understands everything without saying it but Riya cannot understand. But where there is love, there is resentment. She if she have a word with Abhi. Pragya says no, they have not spoken yet. Sarita says she notices one thing that Abhi loves her very much. Pragya says Ranbir also loves Prachi very much and they will both look very good together. Sarita says they will look good when they pair. Pragya looks at her with dazed eyes.

Sarita says that she means that Abhi and Pragya should get married first and then Ranbir and Prachi. Pragya says Riya’s bitterness will also be reduced after her marriage. She hugs Sarita and goes to the room to pick up her phone. Sahana tells Sarita that she does not think Abhi loves Pragya. Sarita says she is thinking wrong Abhi’s love is true.

Next Prachi comes at Hospital. She and Ranbir meet each other. Ranbir is sad to see Prachi. He says their relationship is in danger. Prachi says what happened. She says he should not be so upset because his mother will get well soon. Ranbir says this is not the main problem. Prachi ask then what? Ranbir tells his mother ask him something. She tells whatever her mother said he should finish it. Vikram comes there Prachi says she wants to meet Pallavi. Vikram and Ranbir try to stop her but Prachi does not stop. She goes to Pallavi who gets angry after seeing her and says that who let Prachi come here.

There Alia is about to tell Dadi and others about Abhi and Meera’s relationship. That’s when Pragya’s call comes. Mitali picks up the phone but Alia keeps the phone on. And tells everyone that Abhi and Meera are about to get married and Abhi proposed Meera himself. Pragya is stunned to hear this. She starts crying and hangs up the phone.

Abhi is about to go to the restaurant to meet Pragya but he gets Vikram’s call who tells him that Pallavi has suffered a heart attack. Abhi leaves to come to the hospital. There Pallavi taunts Prachi. Ranbir and Vikram take care of the situation. Abhi gives a message to Pragya to meet after 12 pm as he is going to the hospital.

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