Nagin 5 5 December 2020 written update – Lord Shiva kills Markat

At the beginning of the episode, Jay wants to protect Bani’s family but can’t help them. Bani reaches there and everyone ask for her help. Bani thinks she will never happen anything to them. She tries to save them but they disappears. Bani gets shocked.

Markat comes and Bani ask where is her family. Markat smirks and says she won’t hurt them but also not let Bani save them. She then locks Jay and tie Ritu and others on tree. She ask Bani if she knows how Veer and his family is? And shows her visual.

There Veer ask his mother what she wants. His mother ask if he is suspecting her. There Ponky gets trapped and Veer saves him. Markat tells Bani that her family is dying and if she will do anything against her. She will make sure that Veer and his dies. Bani thinks what she can do to save her both families.

Markat says if Bani can sacrifices herself then she will leave Veer and others. Bani can’t believe Markat words. Markat says she needs engels so why will she harm them. Bani says she is so selfish that she can harm them also.

Markat says then get ready as now she is going to hurt Veer and Jay. Veer feels that Bani is in danger. While Markat ask Bani to open the door. Bani says she won’t, if she want something then kill her. Markat says but she only want that. She even reveals to Bani that there is two Markat. Bani gets shocked and she laugh out loud.

Veer reached to forest. He notice Jay and ask him about Bani. Jay tells him that she is with Markat and he feels that what Bani was saying is right as he too now thinks that there is two Markat. Markat tells Bani that Veer and Jay can’t help her as she hides this place. There Veer and Jay faces hard time to find the door place. Markat attack Bani. Bani ask for help. Shivji help her. And then Bani traps Markat.

Markat apologises and then start laughing. She says to her that she can’t stop her. Bani tells that she can’t but Lord Shiva can. That’s when Shiva kill Markat. Veer and Jay reached where Bani is and notice Bani. The door also opens for Bani.

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