Choti Sarrdaarni 5 December 2020 Written Update – Harleen got to know about the truth

At the beginning of the episode, Vikram said them to wait and said asked them to listen to his words. Vikram said to Sarabjeet that he can’t understand his pain. Meher said using these cheap tricks you can’t get anything. Meher said Vikram that Karan would stay with them only. Vikram clapped and said, now we will meet in court, and there we will decide what will happen. Sarabjeet said god will do them justice and went off.

Param tried to stop Yuvi, but her mother was not allowing them to stay there anymore. Harleen requested her, but she said after today’s tv telecast, she would not allow them to play with them. Param started crying and said Harleen, and he lost all his friends. Harleen pampered him and said she fix back everything.

Sarabjeet and Meher came across the protesters. Sarabjeet said to Meher that if God is with us, no one can harm us. Harleen was talking over the phone in aggression, and suddenly Sarabjeet and Harleen came back home. Harleen asked Sarabjeet that why did not he shared anything with him and asked who is Manav? Sarabjeet was quiet for a while and then took Vikram’s name. Harleen got shocked after listening to his name and recalled past moments of him. Sarabjeet told Harleen that now there is no relationship between them. Sarabjeet requested Harleen to keep calm, but she started shouting at them for not informing her about the press conference. Harleen said our family image haD been destroyed all over Punjab. Harleen acknowledged to them how Param’s friends left him alone.

Meher went to the room and saw Param was hiding his face, suddenly she started acting of talking with Karan and blaming him for beating Karan then immediately, Param woke up and said he hasn’t done anything. Meher asked Param about his sadness. Param said everyone was staying our family is not good. Meher made him understood that God has given him Karan, so nothing cam is wrong.

Harleen says they can influence Param, but what about Aditi. She says she was already about this and advises him to give Karan to Vikram and explain everything to Aditi. He says they are struggling for Karan’s custody, and they did the press interview also for that only. Aditi summons Sarabjeet.

Sarabjeet states he wants to speak to her about something serious and states he will join her in the hospital. He notifies that Meher. Meher says she also wants to guide him, but he holds her saying he and Harleen will go to the hospital. Vikram’s lawyer says Vikram that Aditi should encourage him. Sarab forewarns Pathak saying he won’t pardon him. He says he will not devise anyone who tried to hurt Karan.

Episode ends.

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