Yeh Hain Chahtein 8 October : Preesha left optionless

At the beginning of the episode, Rudrakash regain consciousness and found Balraj standing in front of him. Rudrakash was trying to recall everything in Between Balraj says that all this trouble is because of Preesha and acknowledged him about the order which he has granted from the court against Preesha. Shakshi tried to take a stand for Preesha but she couldn’t succeed. Rudrakash grasped Balraj wrist and said him that what ever he has done for him is totally correct. By thus gesture of Rudrakash Mishka and Ahana gets little surprised. Preesha was peeping from the window of the room. Then Ahana and Mishka went outside and taunted Preesha and said her to see the aggregation in Rudrakash eyes for him and left out from there. Gps was feeling sad for Preesha.

Balraj said rest of the family members to go home and take rest as he ks available here. Suddenly he got an urgent call for which he came out. In that span of time Preesha entered the room. Rudrakash asked Preesha to come near by his finger gesture. Rudrakash grasped Preesha’s wrist and blamed her for everything and said her that he hate her very much. Then Preesha started insisting Rudrakash to say the reason of his aggregation. Rudrakash said her about that video which he saw in Rahul’s iPad. Preesha was giving him an explanation for that, Balraj entered the room and started shouting at him for getting into the room. Then Preesha left the room and came outside and sat on the chair. Suddenly Preesha recalled that iPad which she saw in Rahul’s hand.

Saransh was insisting Vashudha to take him to the hospital, he wanted to meet Rudrakash and Preesha, but some how Vashudha made him understand and said that she is having a lot of work in the home, so she can’t take him now. Then while attending the online class Saransh get to know about the online class test, Which was very important. Then Saransh decided to go alone to the hospital and make Rudrakash present in the class test.

Neerja called Preesha and asked her about the condition of Rudrakash. Then Preesha acknowledged her about everything and requested her to examine the iPad for once. Then nurse called Preesha for Rudrakash dressing and there Rudrakash was teasing Preesha and grasped her hairs and yelling cruel words, suddenly Saransh entered the room and get stunned by seeing this scenario.

Episode ends……

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