Barrister babu 7 October : Anirudh breaks off his engagement with Mini

At the beginning of the episode, Rasiya says that Anirudh does not need to take her side because he is the same person who had earlier left someone in the middle of the midst of making such promises. She calls him Beristra Babu like Bondita. Due to which Anirudh gets shocked. Bondita tells Devolina that Anirudh must come to pick her up. Devolina says that Anirudh has not yet responded to the letter sent by them, so how will he come. Devolina says that now only one person can remove them from this problem. Bondita asks and who is he.

Anirudh asks Rasiya if she met Bondita. Rasiya says yes. She tells him how Bondita helped her by making her drink water. And how the people of the village had insulted her. She said with confidence that she is not an abandoned woman and her husband will come to pick her up. Rasiya, being emotional, calls Anirudh accused of insulting Bondita and congratulates him on his engagement.

Rasiya tells Anirudh that she saw love and respect for him in Bondita’s eyes but in return, she got the stain of the left woman. She tells Anirudh that this society harasses the left woman and even sells them in the market. Anirudh goes into shock. Devolina tries to manipulate Bondita. She tells Bondita that she knows a person who knows Gandhiji. And they can help them. Devolina says that Gandhiji stays in Kolkata, so she should be ready to go there.

Rasiya says that she never saw in her life as a bastard like Anirudh. Who says something and does something. There Devolina prepares to send Bondita quickly. Trilochan and Binoy console Anirudh. Anirudh thinks that he did wrong by making Bondita an abandoned woman. Trilochan says nothing can happen now. He asks Anirudh to engage with Mini. But Anirudh thinks about Bondita and refuses the engagement.

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