Shakti 8 October : Heer accepts Virat’s proposal

At the beginning of the episode, Virat gets injured and Heer becomes worried about him. She tells Virat to come to his senses and after some time Virat regains consciousness. Virat tells Heer that no matter what happens, he will come on time tomorrow to win the bet. Then the police come there. Harak asks them to arrest Virat. Virat says under which section he will arrest him. Policemen say in the crime of teasing a girl. Virat then takes advantage of the opportunity and takes the gun out of the police pocket and runs away. The police run after them.

Daljeet tells Sant, Simran, and Parmeet that Virat threatened him by making a video of him. Sant says that this means Virat is again in the circle of Heer. Parmeet says that she does not know which black magic Heer has done on Virat, that he does not want to leave her. Gurminder is listening to their talk, then she gets a call from Virat. Virat informs Gurminder that he has found Heer. Gurminder is happy to hear this. Gurminder thinks that Heer will soon become the daughter-in-law of this house. There Shano is informed by Sindhu that Harak has made the upper part of the house in the name of Sindhu and now she cannot remove her from the house. Shano is shocked as well as gets angry.

Further Harak and Preeto think that Virat will not be able to find them anymore because they have given strict orders to everyone that they should not tell their whereabouts to anyone. Heer says that she wants to be fresh now and goes to the bathroom.

Virat prays to Mata Rani to show him some way so that he can get his Heer. Then a Baba comes and says that if he is not getting his love then it means that Mother Rani does not want him to be with her. Virat says this cannot happen and he asks Durga’s maa to help him.

Further, Preeto says that it is 9 o’clock in a few moments and if Virat is not able to come by 9 o’clock he will lose the bet. Later, at 9 o’clock, Harak becomes happy that the time of Virat’s arrival has ended. He starts dancing. Then Virat also comes there and starts dancing with him.

Harak is shocked to see him and asks him how he came. Virat says it doesn’t matter. Virat says that he has won the bet and now he will take Heer. Virat forcefully takes Heer.

Virat further reveals how Heer calls him and tells him where she is staying. Virat tells her that he is very happy. He apologizes to her and proposes to her. Heer says yes and Preeto and Hark notice this. Episode end.

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