Qurbaan Hua 8 October : The secret helper

At the beginning of the episode, Chahat was washing clothes and by mistake, Godhambhari cloth gets ripped, and while crossing from that side Godhambhari noticed and immediately snatched that cloth and started telling Chahat that she knows very well this all is her technique to rid of such works. Niel was listening to all the conversations while standing in the garden. When Chahat was crossing from there Niel taunted Chahat that this is not a good idea from getting rid of home duty. Then Chahat said Niel not peep in his works. Then they both started blaming each other. Parmukh was passing from there and after listening to them he stopped interpreted in between and said them not fight like this. Then Chahat asked Parmukh that it is bad taking care of the family members.

Parmukh agreed to her statement and added that it’s very important to take care of family members. Then Chahat said that she had placed her phone in Naveli’s bag and turned on the recorder through which she cam proves that Naveli is having a boyfriend and who is trying to make use of her. After listening to this Parmukh gets worried and leaves from there to hint Naveli about this, but Chahat stopped him and requested Parmukh to help her and come with her to Naveli’s room and listen to that recording once. While Parmukh gets perplexed, and Niel from the other side said that if this time Chahat didn’t succeed in her plan than in the future she will never peep in Naveli’s matter.

All three of them immediately went to Naveli’s room, and Chahat started searching from her bag Naveli shouted and said Chahat to stop searching her bag. And from the other side, Godhambhari and Jamunaprashad entered the room. As soon as they enter Naveli start crying and says to Godhambhari that Chahat is trying to blame her and pointing towards mu character. Then Godhambhari questioned Niel that why Chahat is doing such things with Naveli. Then Chahat found that bag said everyone that now everything will get clear after listening this recording. Pramukh and Naveli started panicking. Then Chahat plays the recording in which Naveli was talking to her childhood friend Chandani. Then Chahat gets confused and suddenly Godhambhari snatched her phone from his hand and said by doing all these Chahat. Is pointing towards Naveli up-bringing, which she will not bear anymore. And puts her phone in the jug full of water. Then Niel said that today she has crossed all her limits and showed me down in front my family. On the other side Jamunaprashad said in a crying voice that he used to respect Chahat very much. Chahat insisted Jamunaprashad to believe her, but Godhambhari interrupted and said that her parents are still alive to take care for her. And said that she will acknowledge Vyas ji about everything and he will decide a punishment for her. Jamunaprashad stopped Godhambhari and said he dong want to disturb Vyas ji as he is not well.

Jamunaprashad said to get rid of such allegations he will marry Naveli to his friends son. Naveli requested Jamunaprashad for not doing such things because of some other people fake allegations. Naveli gave sign to Pramukh to stop Jamunaprashad from taking such steps. But Jamunaprashad didn’t listened to anyone and left the room to discus this things with Vyas ji.

Chahat was wondering that how come her plan didn’t work, Niel came and scolded for her such activity and snatched her phone and putted in the jar. Then grasped his wrist and took her into the room.

Naveli laughed and said there are many peoples in the house to help her. Then Godhambhari asked her that who helped her change the recording. And Chahat predicted that someone in the house is helping Naveli every time.

Episode ends…..

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