Shaadi Mubarak 7 October : Did Priyanka steal Preeti’s wedding plan?

At the beginning of the episode, Kusum tells KT and Preeti that love is an emotional relations. Preeti tells Kusum that they were thinking about this thing for a long time. Kusum told them that definition of love so well. KT also praises Kusum. Preeti says she has got the idea too. Preeti tells them that they should get the bridegroom’s photos printed at the wedding outfit. And through this, their 20 years of love and togetherness should be shown. KT, Sheena and Kusum find Preeti’s idea very good. Preeti says that it is Kusum who always gives her the right guidance.

Preeti tells them the scheme of arrangements made by her hands. KT says that she does not need to work so hard when they can easily make it in a few minutes on a laptop. Preeti says that they should not believe these things much and should keep another event in hand. KT says she doesn’t need to be so nervous about everything. And then KT and Sheena explain the whole process of the work done through the laptop.

On the other hand, Tarun teaches Priyanka how to work smoothly. Both spend good time talking and laughing while at work. Then Rati comes there and tells Priyanka that due to her Tarun does not even come home at time and she wants to snatch her husband from her. Tarun tells Rati that this is not happening due to Priyanka but because of her own antics. He ask her go from there and Priyanka asks him if everything is fine between them or not. Tarun tells Priyanka that nothing is right as Rati’s behavior is very strange and messy. Tarun pretends to cry in front of Priyanka.

Priyanka consoles Tarun. And says everything will be alright. Tarun says everything will be fine only by divorce. He says but Rati earns less than him and if she gets divorced, she will ask him for an allowance. He says he wish Rati would earn more money. Further, at night, Preeti is doing some of her work and Kusum is already asleep. Preeti finishes her work and goes to sleep. The next day she and KT goes to Nathmal but their laptop is not working. KT asks Nathmal to wait a bit. Then Chanda comes there and reveals her plan which make KT and Preeti shocked . Episode end.

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