Yeh Hain Chahtein 7 October : Preesha get’s into the trouble

In in beginning of the episode, GPS picks Preesha from Rahul’s house and leave in the search of Rudrakash. Rudrakash was driving the car very unconsciously. As soon as he turns for the left his car collided with a high speed. Instantly Preesha crossing from the same road notices Rudrakash car and asked GPS to stop the car. All went near the accident spot and noticed Rudrakash was unconscious with blood patches sitting in the car. They tried to open the door but it was locked from inside. Vashudha acknowledged everyone that at any time the care will catch fire. They were trying there best to open the car doors. Preesha picked a big stone and banged it on the window glasses and gets in. They found little difficulty to bring Rudrakash out, as seat belt got stucked and was not opening. With many efforts Preesha and GPS pulled Rudrakash out of the car and as soon as they pulled him out of the car the car blasted out.

Then they took him to the hospital and there Balraj also arrived and said he is my son just save him don’t bother about the bills. Doctor gave them an assurance and left the place. Balraj pulled Preesha back and started yelling at her and asked her how Rudrakash came in such condition. Shakshi tried to save Preesha from Balraj anger but he blamed Preesha for everything happening to Rudrakash. Balraj blamed for snatching his first and as well as the second one. Preesha says she want to save Rudrakash and allow her to inside, but Balraj gave him a legal petition in which it was clearly mentioned that Preesha will not come in contact with Rudrakash. Balraj also mentioned that she is the biggest problem for Rudrakash.

Gps takes a stand for Preesha and said that Preesha has saved Rudrakash by keeping herself in danger. Ahana interrupted and said that it was all the part of her plan. Vashudha shouted at Ahana and said her not to point at Preesha for everything. Ahana shouted back but Preesha interrupted and made her quiet and said her not utter a single word. Balraj handed over the legal Oder to Preesha and said her leave the hospital and moved inside. But Preesha was not willing to go anywhere till see Rudrakash.

Doctor came out the OT and acknowledged them about the critical condition of Rudrakash. After a while Ahana again started forcing Preesha to go from here. Preesha in her bold voice said that she will not go anywhere. Gps calmed Preesha and said not to panic as he is with him.

Saransh woke up and started searching for Rudrakash and Preesha. Suddenly Vashudha came and calmed her and said him that Rudrakash is having little pain in his stomach so both of them are in the hospital. In the morning doctors declared Rudrakash out of the danger and all went inside the room to meet him.

Episode ends……

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