Anupamma 7 October : Kavya wants to marry Vanraj

In the beginning of the episode, Vanraj apologizes to Anupama for his misbehavior as well as for the mistreatment done in 25 years. Vanraj says that Anupama always tolerated his bad behavior and always stood by him during his good and bad times. Vanraj says that if there was someone else in Anupama’s place, she would have left him. He says that Anupama understands and supports him and that is why he regrets it. He says that he is feeling sorry for his mistake. Anupama asks him to tell her which of his appearance is true, tomorrow or today. Vanraj is shocked to hear this.

Anupama says that sometimes he says that Anupama is the biggest mistake of his life and sometimes says that he is void without her. She asks which of these things is true. Anupama says that even before, he has scolded her many times, has whipped her and uttered bitter words but his yesterday’s behavior has hurt her the most. Paritosh says most probably that the issue between Anupama and Vanraj is quite serious this time.

Jayesh says that a fight between husband and wife is a minor thing so he should not be worried. He says that Vanraj will convince Anupama. Samar prays to God to get everything right. Anupama is leaving the room. Vanraj tries to stop her through singing. Anupama tells him to stop. Vanraj says he never kept Anupama well and abused her. Therefore today Anupama can express her anger and scold him.

Vanraj says that she should not be angry with him just because if she does, he will die. Anupama tells him not to say such a thing and hugs him and forgives him. Vanraj proposes to Anupama again in front of family members. Anupama says yes. Everyone is happy. Further, Vanraj gets irritated with Kavya as she harasses him by calling him again and again. Vanraj asks her if she couldn’t wait a bit and scolds her. Vanraj says that while Kavya seems to be fine, why did hse call so many times. Kavya says because she saw his proposal. Vanraj says it was a play. Kavya says that Vanraj should marry her on his 25th anniversary. Vanraj gets shocked.

But Vanraj agrees to marry Kavya for her happiness. Kavya is happy and says that she will manage the marriage arrangements. Nandni feels that they were working and she created a barrier so she goes away apologizing. Vanraj thinks he cannot leave Kavya and Anupama. Because one is his happiness and the other is his responsibility. Samar gives Nandani the idea that they should cherish 25 years of happiness, not a relationship of 25 years. Anupama says to Vanraj she wants to go to the temple. Vanraj says okay. Episode end.

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