Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 7 October : Roshni’s colors change

At the beginning of the episode, Roshni tells Ayan to spare the householders and not harm them. But Ayan does not listen to her. Roshni keeps pleading with Ayan but Ayan does not listen to her and laughs at her. Aman summons his sword as he realizes that it is only Aman’s sword that can stop Ayan. Ayan is shocked to see this and asks if Aman will kill him. Ayan says this means that his love was false to him and he only loves Armaan.

Aman says he loves him but that does not mean that he will support him in his wrong things. He says that his family and their safety is his responsibility and if Ayan comes in the middle, he will not leave him. Ayan blue the fires to make things worse. Aman gets angry and attacks Ayan with a sword. But Roshni saves Ayaan and gets injured by the sword herself. Aman, Rehan and Shayari go to Roshni.

While the black circle is nearing completion. Ayan thinks to kill Armaan. But he changes his mind and saves Roshni’s life by giving Taj to Roshni. Ayan says that Roshni is his mother and he loves her very much and that is why he is giving this crown to Roshni so that her life will be saved. Before leaving, Ayan tells Roshni that she should never forget him and remembers him as a baby soul. While Aman is removing the crown from the head of Roshni . But Roshni refuses and faints saying that it belongs to her. Aman gets shocked.

Aman asks Rubina if Roshni can also become black gin, despite that she is a Ayana. Rubina says that she herself does not even know about it. Roshni comes to her senses and asks for food. Aman brings it to her. Roshni throws food and discovers Taj. Next she becomes fermented again and thinks who dropped the food. Aman tells this thing to Rubina. Rubina says that since Taj has touched Roshni, that is why we are seeing taj’s effect. But the Ayana inside Roshni is stopping it. Rubina tells Rehan that he should go and fetch items from Roshni’s house so that she can fix Roshni through it. Episode end.

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