Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7 October: Kartik, Naira’s new problem

At the beginning of the episode, Akhil was eagerly waiting for the baby to wake up, so he can spend some time with her. Naira request everyone to take some rest, as they are running here and there from the early morning. Naira notices Krishna was standing in the corner peacefully. Then Naira called her and made her sit beside and handed the baby on her laps. Dadi was making faces on Krishna’s contact with the baby. Krishna praised the baby’s cuteness and felt upset for not having any childhood photo of her. Then Kartik clicks her current photo in his phone and says her that she still look cute.

Naira and Kartik went to have some rest. Swarna felt little upset for not spending a great time with her children’s. Kartik enters the room with Naira and baby in his arms. Naira was surprised from all the decorations, and thank Kartik for all the surprise. Krishna was interacting with Manish and Dadi was getting angry on her cor being so comfortable with everyone in the house. Dadi instruct Swarna to keep an eye on Krishna and take care of Manish. But Swarna was feeling happy to see Manish and thanked Krishna silently for making Manish smile.

Kartik and Naira made promise to each other that they will treat there both the child equally. Suddenly baby started crying and then Kartik tried to make her quite with his rap lorry, but it didn’t worked well. Naira and Kartik were trying various tactics to make quiet.

Krishna and Manish was playing together and suddenly light of the room started flashing continuously and Manish gets panicked and started calling out Kartik repeatedly. Kartik and Naira came down and calmed Manish. Baby also stopped crying after seeing Manish.

Dadi and other family members were preparing for the honey ceremony. Dadi said that before Kairav comes home Krishna should leave this house. On this Swarna gets little upset. Here Kartik and Naira were discussing about the time getting over so fast. At the same baby started crying and both of them tried to make her quite. Naira and Kartik came downstairs and honey ceremony started and all the members rejoice together.

Episode ends……

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