Shakti 7 October : Virat puts a tracking device in Heer’s purse

At the beginning of the episode, Virat tells Harak and Preeto that they can shift to some other place if they want. And if he does not find them this time, he will leave them. Harak says that he will not accept any such condition and asks him to leave from there. Heer also tells Virat that Harak’s mood is also not fine and he should leave from here. Virat takes Heer’s purse and wipes her face with a tissue before leaving. Heer gets irritated as Virat hands her purse without asking.

Preeto goes after Virat and folds her hands and asks him to forget Heer. Virat falls on her leg and says to give Heer to him. He says and if they did not give her to him, he will take her away. Shano says that she will now rule this house. And as Soham had said, she will first make leave the daughters of this house. She calls everyone out. Everyone comes there and is surprised to see Shano’s attitude and asks why she has called them.

When Harak, Heer, and Preeto are moving in different places, they see that Virat is standing in the middle of the road. Harak tells the servant to remove him from the road. The servant does as Hark says and distracts Virat from here and there. Harak and others also get ready to go elsewhere.

Shano says that Sindhu will no longer stay here and she needs to go her in-laws. Shano tells Sindhu to call her father-in-law. Shano calls when Sindhu does not call. Sindhu snatches the phone from her hand and says that she will not go anywhere. Here, Daljit tortures Harak’s servant and asks for Harak’s address. Virat makes his video and says that if Daljit did such an act again, he will make the video viral.

Further, Heer feels that Virat will no longer find her. But Virat discovers them and comes to their place. They ask him how he came here. Preeto recalls that Virat touched Heer’s purse. And when she checks the purse, she gets a tracking device. Later, Harak is accused Virat of being a thief. Everyone starts beating Virat. Heer tries to stop them. Episode end.

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