Barrister babu 6 October : Rasiya Bai make Anirudh face the truth

At the beginning of the episode, Bondita is worried about her mother. She asks to call the doctor and goes to the doctor. There, Trilochan taunts Binoy and asks if he knows what Aniruddh’s condition is like, whether he is happy or not. Binoy then calls Saurav and asks him to investigate Anirudh. Sourav goes to Anirudh. He sees that Anirudh is sad. He asks Anirudh the reason for this. Anirudh says that he does not know the reason for this but he is sad.

While Binoy welcomes Rasiya and asks her to dance. Rasiya performs the dance. Binoy and Bhowmick enjoy her dance.Bondita goes to the doctor and asks him to treat her mother. The doctor says he cannot go with Bondita. Bondita asks but why. The doctor says she is an abandoned woman and if he goes with her then the people of the society will harm him and his family.

Saurav gives Bondita’s photo to Anirudh and asks him to tear it down and express his grief. Anirudh looks at the photo and remembers how Anirudh first told Bondita about the camera. And seeing the light coming from the camera, Bondita was terrified. Then Bondita wore an outfit of a lawyer and took a photo with Anirudh.

Binoy bars notes on Rasiya and is happy. Bondita tells Doctor that if he runs away with his bag, he will follow her. And people will feel that Bondita has forced him. Bondita says that this will also do her work and the Doctor will not say anything to the society. Doctor agrees.

Anirudh prays to Mother Durga to remove her agony. The engagement of Mini and Anirudh begins. Rasiya learns that Bondita is Anirudh’s wife. Rasiya’s leg slips and her knuckles fall after trilochan. Trilochan gets angry on seeing this. The doctor reaches to the Saumti. He examines her health. He tells that Sumati will regain consciousness in 1 hour. Devolina thinks that now she must send Bondita as soon as possible.

Binoy and Trilochan insult Rasiya. Anirudh favors Rasiya. He tells Binoy to apologize to him. Binoy refuses. Anirudh says then he will not engage. Rasiya tells Anirudh not to take her side because she knows that he is pretending. She reminds him of Bondita. Episode end.

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