Shaadi Mubarak 6 October : Kusum helped Preeti and KT

In the beginning of the episode, Sheena says that she can call Nathmal to ask for an extension of one day. KT says he will talk to Nathmal. Then Preeti comes there and says that it will not be needed because they will finish the work on time. Sheena asks her where she went. Preeti then tells her how she had gathered courage with the inspiration given by Kusum.

There Priyanka is scolded by her boss as she has been missing from the office for a long time. Tarun apologizes to Priyanka as she has to face all this because of him and asks his fellow employees to do the same. With this Tarun also asks the boss to give Priyanka another chance as Priyanka is a very hard working woman.

Preeti and KT are searching for wedding ideas. Preeti is shivering. KT says is she so nervous that she is shivering. Preeti says that because of AC’s cold wind she is shivering. KT then says that they should find out about love by watching film songs.

But songs also do not help them. He asks Sheena if she knows about love. Sheena says she never felt love and she doesn’t know what true love is. Preeti says she knows one such person who can help them. Then they comes to Kusum. Kusum is happy to see KT. KT asks about her love marriage. Kusum gives Preeti a look. Preeti says i didn’t speak more than this. Kusum calms down upon hearing this.

Then Kusum says that she will help them but she too has a condition. They ask what condition. Kusum says that they will have to dance. Preeti and KT agree. They dance Only then the color falls on them. Kusum calls it the color of love. She adds People forget everything when color of falls, they then only remember love. Episode end.

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