Anupamma 6 October : Devika’s warning for Vanraj

The episode starts with Apanuma returns to her home. She is going to her room but does not go because Vanraj’s words start echoing in her ears and she remembers how Vanraj had expelled her from the room. She starts working in the kitchen.

Vanraj’s back hurts. He tells Anupama to give him a massage but finds that since he threw Anupama out yesterday, she is not even in the room. Vanraj thinks Anupama will be in the hall and before anyone knows anything, he thinks of bringing her into the room. Further, he finds that Anupama is busy with work. Devika then calls him and he goes to meet her. Jhilmil also comes to work early and helps Anupama to make breakfast.

There, Vanraj meets Devika. Devika warns Vanraj not to try to misbehave with Anupama again. Vanraj is shocked to hear this. Devika says that Anupama is very good and she respects him very much. She says but Vanraj is not entitled to receive the honor. Devika tells Vanraj that Anupama’s condition worsened due to his bad behavior. She tells him that if this happens again, she will register a reporter against his family and lead them on the way. Devika leaves saying this.

Further, Jayesh finds that Anupama is depressed and asks her the reason for this. Anupama says nothing has happened to her. Then she finds that Paritosh, Pakhi, and Samar are dancing. She asks what they are doing. They tell her that her 25th wedding anniversary is about to come. Anupama remembers Vanraj’s behavior yesterday. Anupama becomes emotional and hugs Leela. She starts crying which makes everyone worried. Leela says that she has become emotional in the joy of the 25th anniversary. Samar suggests Anupama and Vanraj get married again. Pakhi is happy and excited to hear this.

Anupama does not agree with Samar’s suggestion. Vanraj thinks Anupama is unhappy due to yesterday’s reason so he offers her to marry him again. Anupama refuses this. Everyone is surprised. Kavya is shocked to see this. Kavya thinks of getting Vanraj at any cost. Anupama cries after remembering yesterday thing.

Precap: Vanraj tries to convince Anupama. Kavya insists on Vanaraj on his wedding anniversary to marry her.

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