Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 6 October : Ayan’s dangerous form

At the beginning of the episode, when Aman calls Baazigar, he is shocked to see that Baazigar has gone to Ayan. Ayan uses a magic wand and makes a circle of fire around the family. Roshni and Aman tell him to stop doing all this. They tell him not to go down the wrong path. But Ayan does not listen to them. Rubina calls Rehan. She tells him that they will have to find out what Ayan’s next move with Armaan’s help. But after some time she notices that Ayan is ready to become a black jin. Ayan says that he will become powerful by becoming a black jin.

When Rehan and Shayari return, they are shocked to see that all the family members are tied. Rehan tells them not to worry because he will get them free. Rehan asks Ayan why he is doing all this. Ayan says that he did all this so that they will come back with Armaan. He says that now when they have come back, give Armaan to him. Rehan and Shayari see Roshni and Aman who have become effigies. They can only hear and see things but cannot do anything.

And Ayan also makes Shayari and Rehan an effigy so that they too can do nothing. Then the black circle starts growing. And Ayan finds that he is now ready to become a black jin. Ayan says that once the black circle is complete then he will become black jin. Roshni asks Armaan for help and says that she knows he can hear her. Armaan helps them and frees them.

But Roshni tells everyone to pretend to be the effigy so that Ayan does not know anything. Ayan tells Armaan that very soon he will become a black Jin and Armaan is a dead soul. Before Ayan can do something to Armaan. Shayari and others stop him. He thinks of ending all. Episode end.

Precap: Aman attacks Armaan, but Roshni interrupts.

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