Yeh Hain Chahtein 6 October : Rudrakash on a rampage

At the beginning of the episode, Rudrakash misbehaved with the female dancer in the bar assuming her as Preesha. With flattering steps, Rudrakash came out of them and started walking in between the road with the beer bottle in his one hand. Sakshi woke up due to a bad dream and then instantly called Rudrakash, but he forgot his phone in the bar so a random waiter picked her call and acknowledged everything. Then Sakshi was wondering how come Rudrakash went there.

Here Preesha was acknowledged by her parents, how Rudrakash behaved with her and said many harsh words. Shakshi called Preesha and insisted on her to share what happened to Rudrakash. Rudrakash called out Preesha loudly from the colony road. Gps, Vashudha, and Preesha reached downstairs and were stunned seeing Rudrakash’s condition. As soon as Rudrakash sees Preesha started yelling cruel words at her. Gps tried to stop Rudrakash but he was very drunk and not listening to anyone. A crowd was also gathered from nearby and willing to call the cops for breaking the peace of the colony.

Then Rudrakash said he will not go to jail due to her and leave the place. As soon as Rudrakash leave, Sakshi arrived and acknowledged about the Rudrakash condition. Gps hinted towards Rahul for the scenario, then all of them left in the search of Rudrakash. Preesha went to Rahul house and insisted him to tell the truth and why Rudrakash started behaving so weirdly. Neerja came at the same moment and said sorry for what happened but Preesha said she is sorry for her as she has got Rahul as a husband and left the place. Yuvraj was secretly listening to all the conversations.

Neerja went upstairs while thinking that what would be happened to Rudrakash that he started behaving like this. Then she predicted that by mistake Rahul would have said something wrong to which Rudrakash got angry. To confirm this Neerja came back and saw Yuvraj and Rahul showing thumb signs to each other and get perplexed. Neerja started doubting Rahul for the scenario. Rahul was over speeding as he was unconscious. And on the other side, Sakshi was very much worried about Rudrakash condition.

Episode ends……….

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