Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6 October: The Goeankas are together again

At the beginning of the episode, Kartik handed over the baby to Naira. Then Naira relaxed herself after seeing the baby. Kartik gave a conclusion that he is not the best father, and was not able to take care of her child properly. Then Naira and Kartik made few promises they will take care of there child mutually. They will teach her every lesson of life and will provide her full freedom of doing things which she will willing to do.

All the Goeankas reached the hospital to take back Naira and her baby. After they reached home Dadi started asking about the keys, but no one was having it. Then Dadi said Akhilesh to brake the doors as she can’t wait for a single second. Somehow other members of the family calmed Dadi and said her to wait for a while till Naira and Kartik come they are having duplicate keys.

Kartik and Naira went to meet Manu and bring him back home as a surprise for all of them. Here Dadi was insisting Akhilesh break the doors. Suddenly Kartik and Naira reached and came out of the car. Swarna noticed both of them were standing empty hands. Instantly Manu came out from the car with the baby in her hand everyone was surprised to see him. Swarna came a little forward to touch his feet, but he moved aside. Swarna thanked Naira for the wonderful surprise and on the other side, Gayu was speaking thinking in her mind that a few days back when Vatsal was born why didn’t she get this idea on that day.

Naksh and Kartik opened the main gate of the house. Few men with the instruments and few women were dancing like this a grand entry was planned for Naira. At the door, Kartik was standing to welcome the baby, but Naira hinted Kartik to welcome Manu first. Then Kartik welcomed Manu and then welcomed her baby. Then the Goeankas rejoice together.

Episode ends…..

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