Barrister babu 5 October : A shocking accident with Sumati

At the beginning of the episode, Bondita asks Sumati if she has really sent a letter to Anirudh, will he really come to get her. Sumati says that he will definitely come. There, Som and Anirudh see engagement kurtas. He asks him which one he likes. Anirudh gives no answer. Som asks if he didn’t like the kurta. Anirudh says he does not like anything. Som says that he is engaged to Mini, whom he loved. Anirudh says yet he is not happy. Bihari overhears their words and thinks about how Anirudh can be happy when Bondita is sad. He thinks he should tell Anirudh how society tortures abandoned women.

There, Devolina tells her husband that when the letter has not arrived, how will Anirudh come. She says and does he really think that Sumati will leaves from here with Bondita. She says did she not see how Sumati had taken the form of Maa Durga for Bondita. She says that she was scared. Her husband says he was afraid too. While Bondita remembers how Anirudh once told her about Gandhiji. She tells the same thing to her mother that Anirudh once told her that Gandhiji is doing a lot for the country. Sumati asks her if she misses Anirudh so much. Bondita says yes. Sumati asks if she wants to go to him. Bondita says yes she wants to go but then when Anirudh says that she is not a crook but a good girl. Sumati thinks that by now Anirudh should get the letter, then why he has not come yet.

Som tells Anirudh that as soon as Anirudh gets engaged to Mini, everything will be good in his life. He goes away saying this and then Bihari comes to Anirudh. He tells Anirudh that he should not give place to Bondita to anyone. He says that he knows that she has made a mistake, but Anirudh does not know what happens to the abandoned woman. He asks what happens. Binoy stops him before Bihari says anything. He sends Bihari from there and tells Anirudh to get ready because today is a very big day.

While Mini is getting ready, the idol of Mata Rani falls. And others say that it has become inauspicious. Mini gets nervous. Devolina goes to a man to sell Bondita. And lies to her husband that she is only hiring Bondita.

There the people of the society lock Sumati in a hut and decide to set fire. They also try to bring Bondita there. But when Bondita does not come, then only burn Sumati. Bondita is feeling nervous. Episode end.

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