Shakti 6 October : Virat finds Heer

At the beginning of the episode, a sweeper tries to awaken Virat and Virat thinks it is Heer. He calls the cleaning worker Heer and asks him to give him some more time to sleep. The sweeper says that he is not Heer and wakes him up again.

Virat finds that he slept on a bench all night and also sees Heer’s shoal. He is happy to think that Heer cares for him and she also came to meet him last night. He then leaves to go to Heer’s house.

At Heer’s place, there is a debate between Shano Ravi and Sindhu. Shano says that she hates Kinnar Heer and will ruin her. That’s when Virat reaches there and says that no one can do anything to Heer while he is here.

Shano says why Virat has come here again. Virat says that he has come to meet Heer. Shano laughs at this and says does not his beloved Rohan Bhai tell him that Heer has left from here.

Virat looks at Rohan and asks if this is true. Rohan says yes. Next Virat learns that Heer has gone from Gurdaspur to study for 1 year. He decides to find Heer.

On the other hand, when Daljit tells Parmeet, Sant, and Simran that Heer is gone, they very happy. Parmeet says this is good and now her mad son will return to her.

Sant says that it will be good when he will end the story of Heer forever. He says that they should kill Heer. Parmeet tells this a good idea and asks Daljeet to do it. Simran says Gurminder should not know about it or else she will ruin their plan. Everyone says it is right.

While Gurminder is helping Virat so that Virat quickly finds Heer. She gives Virat to her father’s car, clothes, etc. And asks him to come with Heer soon.

After some time, Heer and others are sitting and waiting for food. A servant says that he has made Heer’s favorite Chole Bhature which he will serve in a few minutes. Heer tells Harak that they should talk to the family. Harak and Preeto say that she should only focus on study, not on these things.

Further, Heer and others see that no one else but Virat has brought food. They ask how did he get here. Virat says he can come anywhere for Heer. Heer tells him to go from there. Virat says that he will go without her. Episode end.

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