Qurbaan Hua 6 October : Gazala instigated Godambhari

At the beginning of the episode, Chahat was trying to memorize Gazala from the back, suddenly one side of the garland fell down from Saraswati’s photo frame. Then Chahat moved towards the frame to fix that, and in that span of time, Gazala again hid her face with the loose end of the saree. Then Chahat said sorry to Gazala and handed over her the former garland to dump it.

Then Chahat went to the riverside were Vyas Ji was doing yoga. Chahat started acknowledging Vyas Ji about the yoga techniques, but Vyas Ji showed a sign of being more confident in his techniques. To clarify that whose techniques are the best Chahat planned a game with a stone. But Vyas Ji denied playing such a Childish game. Chahat insisted Vyas Ji to play with her then he agreed, and started asking about the game. Then Chahat explained Vyas Ji that we both will do a stone skimming competition, and whose stone will last long on the water surface will win the game and Will be the yoga teacher and the who will lose the game will be his student.

While playing stone skimming Vyas Ji recalls his past memories with Saraswati, and Chahat wins the game and enjoys her winning. And at the last Chahat apologize for the past mistakes done by her. And gave the assurance that she would not repeat it again in the future. Vyas Ji silently leaves the place. Chahat was upset and sitting alone in the room. Niel came and notices Chahat being sad and tried many ways to change the mood Chahat. He also bought Chahat’s special snacks. At last, Niel started acting of getting hit by the door, and then Chahat immediately came to handle Niel, then he started laughing and revealed that he was just acting.

Gazala came to Chahat with a healthy breakfast and said her to eat, and it will be a good baby too. Then Chahat confusingly asked Gazala who said her they are extending the family. Then Gazala shows her a pregnancy kit which she found in the dustbin.

Then Chahat Though for a while and recalled all past weird gestures of Naveli which were indicating that Naveli is pregnant. Then Chahat requested Gazala not to reveal this to anyone. Chahat went to Naveli and showed her that pregnancy kit and requested her share everything with her and she will help her out. But Naveli was not willing to accept that this pregnancy kit belongs to her. There Gazala went to Godambhari and said to her that Naveli and Chahat are arguing with each other in the house.

Immediately Godambhari came inside in the home. Suddenly Chahat hides that pregnancy kit. But Godambhari forcefully snatched that kit form her and scolded her, and said there is no need of pointing towards Naveli. Stop all this nonsense and stop blaming Naveli.

Episode ends..

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