Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5 October: A Proud moment for Kartik, Naira

In the beginning of the episode, Naira gets worried after listening that there is little difficulty in the delivery, baby is finding little difficulty in coming out and lacking in oxygen. Naira started panicking and request the doctor to do something and just save our child because we waiting for our child from a long ago. Kartik join his hand on front of the doctor and request him to save his baby any how. Doctor said them not to worry and stay calmed.

Krish sitting in the house, and was taunting on the India’s population and saying that having one child is enough as India’s population is getting increased simultaneously. Her mother stopped him in between and said not to speak rubbish anymore. Krishna commented on this gesture of Krish by saying that it would not a big thing for him. But she is very happy and waiting eagerly for the baby. Then gayu gave her a plate full of raw rice and said her to transfer all the rice to the another plate by picking single piece of rice from the plate.

Naira and Kartik was requesting the doctor to save there child any how. Kartik was calming Naira and praying the god for all the positive things. Outside the OT Goenka’s get to know that there is little problem in the delivery and they gets worried and started praying god not to create any more problems. Doctor acknowledged Naira and Kartik that baby has changed his position and now it will be easy for yhe delivery. Naira and Kartik mutual thank god for the miracle.

Kartik started reciting a poem for the child to make Naira feel comfortable and distract her from the pain. After few minutes a crying voice was audible to all present in the OT. Doctor acknowledged both of them that they have been blessed with baby girl. Naira and Kartik gets happy and hug each other. Then doctor came and handed the baby girl to Kartik, and he started crying out of happiness. Both Naira and Kartik were too much happy and started crying out of happiness.
Kartik carrying the baby came out of the OT, and all the family members gets instant happiness on there faces and rushed towards Kartik to have a view of the baby for the first time. Kartik said that its a baby girl. All were happy to see them.

Few moments later a nurse came and said Kartik to hand over the baby back as some important formalities are still left. Kartik denied to leave his baby alone and said the nurse to do all the formalities in front of him. Then all the other family members with the doctor calmed Kartik and gave him an assurance that nothing will happen to her baby. Then Kartik went along with the nurse.
Gayu created a moment of suspense and then announced that Naira and Kartik are blessed with a baby girl. All the family members were happy and started congratulating each other. From the other side Krish reacted weirdly to this gesture, and went upstairs.

Naira was also little worried about the child ,but Kartik said Naksh is keeping an eye over it . Then all the members entered the room and congratulated Naira. And from the other side nurse also came with the baby . All the members one by one gave blessings to the child and praised her.
Then Kartik started giving instructions to everyone how to handle the baby in future. Doctor came and acknowledged about the Naira’s health. Naira and Kartik mutual thanked the doctor for the safe delivery.

All the members in house were decorating the house for Naira’s welcome. In between the mid night Naira woke up and noticed baby was missing from the room then she waked Kartik and said him to search for the child. Kartik went out and started shouting at everyone and telling them to get his baby back. After few minutes Nurse came and said the she was changing the diaper of the child. Then Kartik hands over the child to Niara.

Episode ends……


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