Shaadi Mubarak 5 October : Tarun wants to break Preeti

At the beginning of the episode, Kusum tells Tarun that his and his wife’s love is amazing. She says that she will pray that their love should not get evil eyes. Kusum says that he speaks so sharp that one day his tongue will be spoiled. She says that she only wants to give him a caress because of her mother and that is he need to speak carefully because he does not know what is going to happen to him in the coming time. She says and this time even his mother will not be with him, to support him. Kusum tells Rati’s grandmother that she did not teach her daughter anything, whose punishment she will also get. Saying this, Kusum leaves from there.

There, Preeti still remembers Tarun’s talk and is sad. Sheena sees that Preeti is lost somewhere. She asks Preeti where she is lost. That’s when KT comes there. He says that today everyone must be shocked because he has come before Preeti. But then he sees Preeti and asks that she was going to come late. Preeti says that she has come half an hour late. KT says it takes half an hour to think about what he will wear today. Sheena says that is why his dressing style is good. KT is happy to hear his praise and starts praising himself more. Preeti tells him that they should talk about work.

She asks what does Nathmal want in marriage. KT tells that Nathmal’s daughter and her future husband have been in a relationship for 20 years and they want to show the same thing to everyone. Preeti says then they have to work very hard. Sheena says that both of them are happy in their marriage, so they should easily get the idea that what is important in a love marriage. There Tarun tells Rati that he want to do puja in the house so that Preeti comes here and he can give  taunts her and break her expectations. He says this is why he brought old things in between and hurt Preeti.

KT and Preeti’s marriage has failed. And both of them are sad to hear Sheena and wonder how they don’t know anything about love in marriage. And how their marriage failed. Preeti gets up from there and leaves. And decides to leave Shadi Mubarkh. But then Preeti sees her shadow.

Preeti’s shadow asks her if she has given up so soon. She says only because her son say bitter words to her and she decided to gave up. She says that if Preeti accepts defeat today, then any woman from the future will be afraid to fight for the honor. And his son succeeds in planning to break her. She tells her to be stronger or else she will have to go to Tarun’s house and suffer the same insult again. Episode over.

Precap: Chanda and Rati steal Preeti’s project idea.


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