Yeh Hain Chahtein 5 October : End of Preesha, Rudraksh

In the beginning if the episode, Preesha was searching for Rudraksh left and right on the streets. Preesha was getting a strong feeling that something is very wrong. Here Rudraksh was sitting beside the road cursed Preesha and said he will never forgive Preesha for this deceive. Saransh was playing with basketball which straight away pound on the diva and Vasudha gets worried and consider this as a sign of happening something bad. Then Gps light up the diva again and said them not worry.

Preesha found Rudraksh sitting beside the road, and started questioning him. Then gave her a vexed look. Rudraksh in raspy voice started yelling and Preesha was totally muddled that why Rudraksh is behaving like this Rudraksh started blaming her for everything what happened to him and said that she still love Yuvraj. Neerja was continuously trying to contact Preesha and was little worried for them. Rahul calmed her and said not to worry everything thing is fine.

Rahul called Yuvraj and shared this good news with him and explained him all the details how he manipulated Rudraksh against Preesha. Preesha was trying to justify herself in between Yuvraj called and after watching Yuvraj’s incoming call Rudraksh gets hyper and started forcing her to talk in front of him. Rudraksh was madly yelling at Preesha. Rudraksh says that now she will see the bad side of me. He will kill her everyday. Preesha settled there and started crying.

Rudraksh visits a bar, and took a beer bottle from the counter started drinking. Rudraksh imagined Preesha singing in the bar. Preesha rang the bell and, Vashuda opened the door and gets shocked seeing Preesha’s condition.

Episode ends…


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