Anupamma 5 October : Anupama is hurt by the bitter words of Vanraj

At the beginning of the episode, Vanraj tells Anupama that she knows nothing but to cry. Vanraj curses Anupama and Jayesh ask him to be quiet. Jayesh says that he does not have the right to speak in the fight between husband and wife but he also does not like that he is fighting in front of everyone. Vanraj leaves from there. He takes out his phone and asks Kavya if she has heard it all. Kavya says yes she listened to it all. She says but will be happy when he marries her.

Jayesh asks Leela if Leela is happy by setting fire on Vanraj and Anupama’s relationship. He says that he knows that Leela had asked Anupama to send Kavya out of the house. He says it is easy to spread fire but not to extinguish. There Anupama goes to Vanraj and tries to negotiate.

Vanraj gets irritated with her. He says that Anupama knows nothing but to insult him. He says that in 25 years he has never understood and will not understand Anupama. He says that he is ashamed that she is his wife. He adds that he made the biggest mistake of life, marrying her. He says that he cannot sack her and expels her from the room.

Anupama feels very sad and starts crying. She cries a lot outside the house when Devika comes there. She takes Anupama to her house and Devika asks her what has happened. She asks if she has a fight with Vanraj. Anupama says that Vanraj feels that she is not worthy of anything. She says she wanted to study after marriage and did not want to have a child after 2 children. She says but Leela is prevented from reading and because Vanraj wanted a daughter, so she had a third child. She says but even after doing all this, Vanraj still says that she did not grow.

Devika pacifies her. She says that it is the fault of those people that they could not understand Anupama’s renunciation. Then it is morning. Anupama tells Devika to drop her home. Devika says that despite all this, she still wants to go home. Anupama says that she cannot leave the house. Devika drapes her. Anupama apologizes to her because one day she insulted Devika. And today she has helped her. She then goes to her house and is saddened to remember Vanraj’s words. Episode over.

Precap: Devika warns Vanraj that she will not leave him if he misbehaves with Anupama again. Vanraj apologizes to Anupama.


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