Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 5 October : Aman slaps Ayan

At the beginning of the episode, Ayan deliberately sends the car to Dadi and then says that Dadi has broken his car and now she should be punished. Aman says that this happened by mistake. Ayan says that even if she has not done it intentionally, still she is entitled to punishment. There, Armaan starts crying in Rehan’s lap. Shayari makes Armaan silent on her lap and says that Armaan does not like his own uncle either. Rehan says that he does not like shayari either and because shayari comes near the sink so he becomes silent. Shayari says then they should check.

When Aman only scolds Dadi in the name of punishment, Ayan says that it is not a punishment. And Ayan sets on fire around Dadi to punish her. As soon as Shayari takes Armaan to the sink, he magicly sends water to grandmother and extinguishes the fire. Everyone is shocked. Ayan again tries to harm Dadi but Aman gets angry and slaps Ayan.

Rubina says that Ayan has made a mistake, now just two mistakes have to be done and after that he will become completely black jin. Roshni says that she does not think Ayan will steal. Grandma is shocked to hear the word theft. Rubina says that it is true that Ayan will steal a precious thing to become a black jin.

Further, Rehan tells Roshni and Aman how water has been spilled with Arman’s magic. Aman and Roshni say that it means Arman is the one who save grandmother. Shayari says this happened because both of them are twins. And they can know each other’s mind. Roshni says that this means that Armaan will again give them a hint.

Armaan used to hang Saima in the air there. Aman tries to stop him. When Ayan does not stop, Aman calls Bazigar. Ayan says what is Bazigar. He then says that if Bazigar is with him then Arman will also have it. Aman says he doesn’t have time for his nonsense. And first he asks to bring Saima down. Ayan leaves Saima.

On the other hand, when Shayari is protecting Armaan with Jangemarmar, she sees the little Bazigar there. She tells this thing to Aman and Roshni. And further find that Ayan has stolen Aman’s Bazigar. Ayan says that he has done 2 gunas and now the third gunha has to be done. Roshni forbids him to do so. Episode end.

Precap: Ayan tries to kill his own family


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