Nagin 4 October – Veer knows that Jai is Naag

At the beginning of the episode, Veer lays a trap for Bani. Bani falls into it. Shukla thinks that Veer should not know under any circumstances, Bani is a serpent. When Veer is coming there to see what effect the trap has on Bani, he meets Mayuri. Veer is shocked to see her in an engagement dress. He asks why she is changing clothes again and again. Mayuri says she has drunk a lot due to which she does not remember anything.

There Bani says that this is a Maya trap, and she has to control herself so that her secret is not exposed. And she misses Lord Shiva and gets out of the trap. Mayuri feels that Jai is the one who beats her. And she searches for Jai. When Veer sees that the Maya trap did not affect Bani, he thinks who is the snake then. Then Jai falls into the Rudraksh net, and Veer notices him. But Jai takes the form of a serpent and runs away. Veer goes after him. Jai kills an innocent man to escape from Veer. And runs away.

Veer looks into the dead man’s eyes and finds Jai is doing all this. Bani calls the Teer coffin and sees a knife mark on his jacket. She finds that it is a special knife used only by an eagle. She considers that Veer has a piercing in his house that killed Teer.

Further, a fight ensues between Jai and Mayuri. But then they pacify their fight and promises to stay together. Jai notices Shukla is also there, and he brings Shukla in front. He says that Shukla will be his second eye from now, and he will give him all the information. He says that Veer has been suspicious of him, so he should go and find out whether he is a snake or not.

There, Veer calls his family members and tells everyone that Jai is alive. And tells Bani that the person she loved is not a human being but a snake. Bani gives him no answer and walks into the room. Mayuri thinks she has to inform Jai about this.

Veer goes to Bani and asks if Bani still has faith in Jai. Bani says she doesn’t mind what Jai is because she still has faith in him. Veer gets irritated by this. He says that she should not take Jay’s name in front of him. Bani repeatedly takes Jai’s name to harass him. Veer shouts at her and makes her silent.

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