Nagin 3 October – Jai haunts Pankaj

The episode starts with Pankaj and Mayuri are enjoying their engagement. And Bani is worried to see Jai. She says why Jai has come here. She says that living in the middle of eagles can be dangerous for Jai. There, Daksha and Veer smell the serpent. He finds that this smell is coming from a glass. But before Veer is able to check the glass, Bani picks up the glass and gives it to the waiter. At the same time, Jai leaves before Mayuri arrives. Veer is still wondering why Bani raised the glass. He thinks if Bani is a serpent.

Jai thinks that if he can need to be Mayuri again to get Bani away from this house, he will become one. He says that he must overcome Bani from Veer at any cost. Because he is coming in his way by helping her again and again. Then Mayuri comes to her room; she is escaping from Pankaj and is surprised to see Jai there. She asks him what he is doing here. Jai says nothing to her and bites her. Mayuri faints. And Jai takes the form of Mayuri.

That’s when Pankaj comes to take a kiss from Mayuri. Jai gets irritated upon seeing him. He tries to run away from him, and Pankaj goes after him. Since Veer suspects that Bani is a serpent, so he starts playing Bean in front of her. Bani starts losing control of herself. Veer says that now she has to come in her linseed form. The same Jai also starts losing control after Bean’s voice and Pankaj is also behind him. And Jai drops Pankaj from the roof to get rid of Pankaj.

All are shocked to see this. Jai goes to Mayuri’s room and pretends to sleep. Veer is surprised to see Pankaj’s condition, and he goes to Mayuri’s room. There he finds Mayuri asleep. He asks Mayuri if she is sleeping here in the room. Mayuri says yes she was tired so came here. Veer finds her strange, and he goes away. As soon as Veer leaves, Bani warns Jai that eagle smells him so that he needs to be careful.

Further, Daksha tells Veer that Pankaj is smelling like a snake; this means that a snake has done all this. Bani is worried that when Jai is alive, it means that she made a mistake by killing Teer. Bani says, but if she had kill Teer, she would have been punished according to the rules of Naag Lok. And Veer also comes to know that she is a serpent. Bani thinks that this means that she has not to kill Teer.

Later, Jai wears Bani’s saree and goes in front of Veer after becoming Mayuri. Jai plans that as soon as Veer smells the snake, he tell him that he has worn Bani’s saree and that Veer must be convinced that Bani is the serpent. And thus his work becomes easy. And Veer responds as Jai wants. Episode end.

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