Anupamma 3 October : Kavya pits Vanraj against Anupama

At the beginning of the episode, Leela sees Kavya in every photo with Vanraj. She gets irritated seeing this and asks Kavya if there is no civilization at all that she attends all their family function.Kavya says that she accidentally became part of the photos. Leela says she can see it. Leela says that Kavya had come for two days, but now it seems as if she will never leave from here.

Leela says what Kavya’s parents have taught her. Kavya gets angry on this and yells at Leela. Kavya tells Leela not to bring her parents in between. Anupama prevents Kavya from talking to Leela in this manner.Leela says that they should kick Kavya out of the house. Kavya says that this house belongs to Vanraj so she can’t remove her from here. This time Anupama gets angry. She tells Kavya that she should not even dare to talk to Leela like this, because no one speaks to Leela in this house in a loud voice.

Leela asks Anupama to come with her. Apanuma does what she says. Leela says that she is mortified that she kept her husband’s friend at home. She tells Anupama that right now she will remove Kavya from the house or else she will take some action.Anupama goes to Kavya and says that she should stay at Nandni’s house for 2 3 hours. And as soon as Leela’s anger subsides and Vanraj comes, they will bring her back. Kavya says is she indirectly kicking her out of the house. Anupama says that she should not misinterpret things.

Kavya packs her luggage and goes to Nandani’s house. There she calls Vanraj and asks him to come to Nandni’s house. She says that his wife has kicked him out of the house and he needs to go at Nandani’s home right now.Vanraj comes there and asks what happened. Kavya pits Vanraj against Anupama. And Vanraj goes home and curses Anupama. And says that she has no right to take home decisions. He adds her job is only to handle the house—episode end.

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