Shakti 5 October : Heer retires from Virat

At the beginning of the episode, Virat says that no one can harm Heer while he is there. Then he opens the door for Heer. Heer scolds him for making her get out of the house. She tells him to go from there. And Preeto stops Virat and invites him to the party in the joy of Heer passing the exam. Heer disagrees. But Mahi and everyone insists on it.

Virat is happy that now he can stay close to Heer, he eats laddus and dances. While Harak denies Preeto’s party decision. Preeto explains to him that at the party, she will make Virat drunk by strong alcohol and take Heer away from Gurdaspur.

There Parmeet taunts Gurminder and says that she should be ready to bid farewell to her house. Because very soon Daljit will get married another woman and she will be taken out of here.

Gurminder says, but Daljit wants to say something to them. Daljit says he has nothing to say and says that Gurminder is mad and that is why she is talking like this. Gurminder thinks that even though Daljit does not tell anyone anything, but still, she will not allow his second marriage.

Next, the party begins, Virat joins the party. Everybody dances. Rohan makes wine for Virat. At the same time, he says that now Virat should be ready to get away from Heer.

Harak gives Virat a drink. Sindhu gives Shano mixed juice. After a while, Shano begins to fall asleep. Sindhu takes her to her room. Shano falls asleep deeply.

Virat also gets drunk. He sees Heer with Rohan. Heer asks him to go from there. Virat leaves. Heer says that now that the party is over, they too should go to sleep. Preeto says she cannot sleep. Heer asks why. Preeto says because they are going away from Gurdaspur. Heer agrees to go with them.

Virat falls asleep on a bench while remembering Heer. Heer and others are going from there. Heer then notices Virat. She demands to meet Virat once. Harak and Preeto let her meet Virat. Heer covers Virat with a shoal and leaves saying goodbye. Episode end.

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