Shaadi Mubarak 3 October : Juhi gave a befitting reply to Tarun

At the beginning of the episode, Preeti sends a message to KT that she will be late in office due to personal work. There Kusum asks Priyanka if everything went well yesterday. She says that she was not there at that time, but she hopes that Preeti must have cared for everything. Priyanka says she has a habit of not having her. Then Juhi and Sumedh come there. Kusum asks them where Preeti is. Juhi says that today is her father’s shraddha, and Preeti had promised to Bhusa that she would offer kheer every year on his shraddh day. Kusum says now taking advantage of this thing, Tarun will insult Preeti.

Tarun is shocked to see Preeti there. He says, why has she come here. She says that she had to come today. Tarun tells Rati does she remember how Preeti left this house and has returned today. Rati gives Preeti a look and then tells her grandmother that she would not be able to do so much if she did not come today.

Then they all sit down to perform Havan. Preeti also sits there with her hand made kheer. Pandit Ji asks if anyone else has to be a part of worship. Tarun does not ask his mother but calls Rati’s grandmother. Preeti gets a shock. Rati is offering bhog. Preeti gives her kheer. Rati says that it is not needed because she has made kheer. Preeti says it is good, but she can put two spoons of kheer out of it. Tarun says there is no need, and he starts throwing kheer. Preeti stops him and says did he forget his manners? She goes to Rati and mixes kheer in her kheer. And says Tarun’s father was also her husband, then this is her right and duty.

Rati says that she knows how hollow their relationship was. Then Juhi, Sumedh, and Kusum also come there and are surprised to hear Rati’s word. Preeti says that Rati should talk to her carefully because she is her mother-in-law. Tarun says that she should not say anything to Rati as she is entitled to it. He tells Preeti that the relationship between his father and her was lifeless, and there was no emotion in it.
Tarun says that his father always cursed her, and there was no good relationship between them. Juhi gets angry, and she tells Tarun to stop his nonsense. She says that he has no right to speak all this. She tells the people to present how Tarun sold Preeti’s house and evicted her from the house.

Juhi says Tarun only got his father’s bitterness, not the sweetness of his mother’s love. She tells Preeti that now her duty has been completed, and they should leave from here. Kusum says that he gave a good definition of husband and wife relationship. She mocks Tarun by saying that she is afraid that Rati and his married life will catch the black eyes one day. Episode end.

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