Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 3 October : The naming ceremony of baby soul

At the beginning of the episode, Roshni tells Aman that he always takes time to get ready. Aman says, but now he is prepared. That’s when Roshni and Aman notice that Baby Rooh is missing. They start searching for him and find the other Aman standing in front of them and are shocked. This second Aman is none other but baby Rooh. He wishes them a good morning. Tabiji tells him that since he is a black jin, his age quickly flared up, and after three days, he will ultimately become black jin. Roshni says, but he means no harm, and he has also made breakfast for all of us. Rubina says that Kala Jin’s spirit has to be deceived, so do not believe what he is doing. Salma says he is their child, then why will he bother them. Rubina says that a black jin is never known to anyone.

That’s when Sara is drinking tea, but then the tea falls on her. She shouts, and the housemates approach her. They ask how the tea fell on her. Rooh says he spilled tea because it was his tea that she drank. Roshni says Sara is his bhua, and the elders are not treated like that. Shayari then tells that a man can become a black jin when he is furious that he should destroy all of them; he steals a precious thing and kills someone. Rubina says that if they stop these things from happening, then they can prevent him from becoming black jin. Then Rooh says that he has made breakfast for everyone, so why are they not coming to eat his handmade breakfast.

Roshni says that they were helping Rubina so. Rooh says that Rubina herself helps others, then why she will ask for help. He says if they are lying to him. Aman says yes and says that because he was planning a surprise for him, he lied. Aman then gives Rooh a video game. And Rooh says that he does not like playing child games but likes playing with children. He says that he wants to play with Armaan. Aman gets worried and tells this thing to Roshni. Rehan says that he will take Armaan from here. Shayari also wants to go with him. Then Rooh comes there and says that he wants to play with Armaan. Roshni says, but right now, she wants to surprise him. They throw a party for Rooh and give him a name. Roshni bears his name Ayaan. Ayaan says where are Shayari, Rehan, and Armaan. He goes to find them. But Shayari and Rehan hide from him. Later, Ayan deliberately breaks his car and says that Grandma damages the vehicle, and now she should be punished. Episode end.

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