Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3 October: Kartik loses consciousness

At the beginning of the episode, Kartik somehow reached the hospital. Naira was lying on the bed with the other family members in the hospital and expecting her delivery in a few moments. After Karik’s arrival, other members left, and Kartik sat beside the bed. Naira was suffering from pain, and Kartik started scolding her for not informing him about the delivery on time. After watching Naira in pain, Kartik apologized for his words and kissed Nair’s womb.

Everyone gets to know that Kartik reached the hospital, and Krishna starts dancing and is eagerly waiting for Nair’s baby. Kartik hugged Naira and calmed her. Suddenly Dadi enters the room and felt happy to see both of them together and pray to god for there long livings. Instantaneously Karik noticed that there were two beds present in the room and becomes a little angry for keeping Naira in a twin sharing room. Naira made him silent and said not to act so seriously and relax.

Suddenly the doctor arrived and saw Naira and recalled how Naira reacted miserably in her past delivery. So he refused to do her delivery—somehow, Dadi handled the situation and asked the doctor to do the procedure as soon as possible. Dadi was a little upset about Naira and Kartik’s childish conduct. Naira’s pain was increasing rapidly. The doctor examined Nair’s womb and told the nurse to prepare for the delivery. All the family members were praying for safe delivery. Kartik asked Naksh to add up some security members near Naira to ensure that no one could come near Naira.

Naira was shifted to OT, and Kartik was wearing the safety kit before entering the OT. Naksh checked all the security management and talked to the staff management authority. Kartik enters the OT and gets a little worried after seeing the operation instruments. All the members were a bit concerned about Kartik because he is too sensitive.

Naira and Kartik hold each other hands. In few seconds Kartik fainted and collapsed on the ground. Naira gets angry and started insisting the doctor wake Kartik before doing the delivery. But the doctor refused to do so and started the delivery procedure. After a few minutes, Kartik stand’s up and grip Naira’s hand.

Krishna was continuously asking Gayu for the delivery updates. The doctor acknowledged Kartik that it’s becoming difficult to pull out the child as an oxygen cord is wrapped around the baby neck, and Which is letting problems in delivery. Naira and Kartik get a little worried.

Episode ends…

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