Yeh Hain Chahtein 3 October : Rudraksh gets manipulated

At the beginning of the episode, Rahul welcomes Rudraksh and Preesha. Rudraksh gets angry and refuses to enter the house, then Preesha calms Rudraksh and explains how Neerja meets her and reassures her that Rahul will fix everything. And Rahul is apologizing for everything he did. Then Rahul also tried to make him believe that he will fix back everything. After insisting for so long, Rudraksh enters the room only for the sake of Preesha.

Rudraksh and Rahul settle down at the table, though Preesha and Neerja went upstairs. Rahul plays a video on his Ipad and goes to bring the glasses for drinks. Rudraksh noticed some sound and went near the Ipad and picked it in which a CCTV footage was running off that time when Preesha went to Rahul’s office to warn him to stop everything. In the video, her words were edited and twisted and tried to show that Preesha and Rahul are mutually doing all these.

Rudraksh gets vexed and bang that I pad on the floor. Rudraksh grasped Rahul’s neckband and refused to believe in such a video. Rahul tried to inflame Rudraksh and said that Preesha is doing all this because she loves Yuvraj. Rudraksh grasped Rahul’s neck and pushed him back. Rahul wanted to manipulate him by making false statements regarding past actions.

Rudraksh gets hyper and starts believing in Rahul’s words. Rahul tried his best to make Rudraksh manipulate, and Preesha loves Yuvraj. Rudraksh left and went outside the house. Preesha came downstairs and saw everything was messed up on the floor. Rahul came from the opposite side and started acting as if he was unaware of everything. Preesha tried to contact Rudraksh, but he didn’t pick her call. Preesha doubted Rahul, but he acted innocent in front of Neerja.

Preesha ran outside on the roads and started searching for Rudraksh. She noticed the car was still parked and thought Rudraksh would be near-by.

Episode ends….

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