Shakti 2 October : Virat took a big decision

At the beginning of the episode, Virat says that one day Heer and her family will take him because his love is true and he goes away from there. Shano thinks that now these people will not tell Heer her truth, and she will take advantage of this opportunity and succeed in her plan.

Harak said when he warned Preeto, she did not listen to him and now this happened. Malika says that they should send Heer with her. Malika says they will keep Heer happy and safe. Mahi refuses for this because she does not want Heer to ask for righteousness like other eunuchs. Malika says that the enemies of Heer are increasing now, so it would be better if she goes with us.

Virat returns to his home and apologizes for his mistake to Jharana. On which Jharana taunts him that his hobby is to break up with the girls. Jharana says she will never forget what he did to her and she will also punish Heer. She then leaves Virat’s house.

Later, Sant beats Virat and asks why he has come back. Sant asks him to leave the house. Parmeet asks Virat if he is going to marry Heer, on which Virat says yes. Parmeet gets angry, and she curses Heer. Virat tells Parmeet that she should not curse Heer because he cannot hear anything about Heer. Parmeet gets shocked.

Harak tells Preeto that they should obey Malika and tell everything to Heer. Preeto says no. Harak says that they were going to tell Heer her truth today anyway, then they should say to it all without delay. Harak calls Heer. Heer comes. Harak asks Preeto to tell Heer her truth.

Preeto says that she has hidden truth from Heer. Heer says what kind of reality. Virat comes there and says that the truth is that Heer has failed. Heer says she has not failed; her name is on the waiting list. She then asks why he has come here. Virat says to give laddus. Heer tells no one is going to eat his laddus and kicks him out of the house.

But Virat comes back through the window and sends Heer out of the house. And tells Harak and Preeto not to tell her the truth. Malika says but what about Heer’s enemies. Virat says that he will protect Heer and not let anything happen to her. Episode end.

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