Shaadi Mubarak 2 October :Tarun Rati’s hideous move

At the beginning of the episode, Juhi is cooking but burns her hand. Preeti says what is she doing. Juhi says that she has not been able to do any preparation yet and the ladkewale will also come to see Priyanka. Juhi says that there is already a distance between Priyanka and Kusum and Kusum is also not here. She says that she does not want to bring more problems. Preeti says that she will help her, so don’t worry. That’s when Kusum’s call comes. Juhi picks up the phone. She asks her if all preparations are done. Juhi says almost everything is done. Preeti tells Kusum not to worry as she will handle everything.

Juhi tells Kusum that Priyanka looks very beautiful today. Kusum says she wants to see her through the video call. There Rati tells Tarun that he should get Priyanka trapped. Tarun asks if her mind is disturbed. Rati says she is saying this because Priyanka stays with Preeti. And if he also befriends her, then he can get news about Preeti. Tarun agrees with her.

Preeti shows Kusum Priyanka and Amit. Kusum says that she remembers her old days when in her time girls used to meet boys like this. She asks Preeti how many relationships came for her. Preeti tells that many had come. But everyone refused to have a relationship with her after seeing her black colour. Due to which her parents started getting upset. She says after that, she only thought that she should get married somehow. Preeti asks Kusum and how many relationships came for her. Kusum says she liked the boy by herself and had a love marriage.

After this, Amit and Priyanka end the conversation and tell them that they have many similarities, and they are ready to marry each other. Everyone becomes happy. There Tarun sends Priyanka a message in which he apologizes to her and asks her to meet him once. Priyanka is shocked when she reads this message. At night Tarun calls Priyanka and Priyanka gets nervous seeing this. And her phone drops. Preeti is about to pick up her phone, but Priyanka stops her and runs away with the phone. Episode end.

Precap: Preeti informs KT that she will come late due to some personal work. And Preeti goes to meet Tarun at his house.

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