Yeh Hain Chahtein 9 December 2020 Written Update : Rudraksh felt frustrated

At the beginning of the episode, Saransh was about to be discharged from the hospital. Doctors unwrapped all his bandages. Saransh came back home and found the Khurana house was decorated Saransh thanked Rudkraksh for the surprise, but Rudkraksh said he had not done anything. Then Shardha said, Saransh to guess who has done this decoration. Saransh looked at Balraj and asked him. Balraj told, he doesn’t know, but if you need anything else you can say. Ahana and Mishka were confused to see such attachment of Balraj towards Saransh. Rukdkrash picked Saransh and took him upstairs.

Ahana asked Balraj why his emotions changed all sudden. Balraj said he felt guilty for what he did and went off. Preesha was helping Saransh to get ready for the online class Mahima asked Pressha that if Saransh allows her to help him in getting ready for the class. Saransh nodded his head. Preesha felt happy for Mahima and to see Saransh accepting Mahima.

Preesha cooked cookies for Saransh and went to his room, but he was not there then she heard Sarnash’s voice and came outside where Saransh was playing with Mahima and calling her mother. Rudkraksh came with Sarnash medicine and said to him to have it, but Saransh was not in a mood to take it. Then Mahima tricked and mixed his medicines into the cookies and gave him to eat. Rukdkrash was a little offended by all these gestures of Mahima.

Mahima and Preesha were on the way to the hospital there the doctor said Mahima is improving very rapidly. Preesha said because Saranash Mahima is recovering so fast. The doctor advised her to stay near Saransh for her betterment. Yuvraj heard all these and felt happy for Sarnath. Mahima and Preesha went to Gps house, and there she informed them about Mahima’s speedy recovery. Gps secretly asked Preesha how does she is feeling. Preesha said she is confused about either she is happy or sad. Gps said to her to think for herself also. Preesha said Gps not to worry as she is fine.

Preesha came back home and informed Rudkraksh that Mahima is recovering. Rudkraksh said I am happy for her, but he will not allow Saransh to go with her. Preesha said we all will stay together. Rudkraksh said he is not feeling good about this before it is too late to take any step and went to sleep with Saransh. Preesga secretly cried and was upset.

Episode end

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