Anupamma 9 December 2020 Written Update : Pakhi traps in Kavya’s plan

At the beginning of the episode Samar, Paritosh dances with Pakhi. The whole family celebrates and dances happily. While Pakhi does live stream. Kavya watches her live stream and looks angry. There Vanraj also watches it. He smiles but gets upset when he sees Anupama. He keeps his phone to the side. Later, Anupama praises Pakhi. She calls her beautiful.

Lila asks why she wears a new dress. She should wear a new dress tomorrow. Pakhi tells Vanraj brought four dresses for her thus she wears one tonight. While Nandni brings Pakhi’s birthday cake. And Vanraj makes a video call. Vanraj wishes her a happy birthday. Kavya is also there, she too gives best wishes to Pakhi.

Pakhi looks at Anupama. Anupama smiles at her and asks her to replay Kavya. Pakhi says thankyou to Kavya. Later they cut the cake. Kavya thinks tomorrow she will celebrate Pakhi’s birthday not Anupama. She smirks. In the morning, Anupama asks Pakhi to wakeup while Pakhi is in deep sleep. Later she wakeup.

There, Vanraj asks Kavya to make a cup of tea for him. Then he notices that Kavya is cooking something in the kitchen, he smiles and leaves. Other side Anupama is also making a cake for Pakhi. Ahead Pakhi comes from the cinema with her friends. She is about to go home but her friends bring her to another side of the party. There Samar asks Nandni where is his mother? Meantime Anupama came.

They look at Anupama and get shocked. Anupama is looking pretty in her new avatar. Everyone praises her. Anupama tells that Kinjal does her makeover. There, Pakhi’s friends bring her to Kavya and Vanraj. They ask Pakhi to celebrate her birthday here also. Kavya thinks she knows that Anupama is waiting for her daughter but today she will not let Pakhi go to her home.

Anupama and others are waiting for Pakhi. Anupama calls Pakhi. Pakhi is about to pick up her call but Vanraj stops her. He then dances for Pakhi. And Pakhi’s friend says that Vanraj she such a cool man. Kavya makes some videos. And when she notices that Vanraj’s phone is ringing then she shut his phone. And thinks Anupama can only wait, at first she waited for Vanraj and now for Pakhi.

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