Shaadi Mubarak 9 December 2020 Written Update : Arjun’s plan against Kusala

At the beginning of the episode, Nandni asks KT to help her. She tells Arjun is missing and the police also don’t want to help her. They say they can only report and find Arjun after 24 hours. She adds KT should find Arjun with her as Arjun is also his son. KT says no, Arjun is not his son and he will not help her. Preeti is shocked and ask KT to don’t be like this, as a human find Arjun. But KT didn’t listen to her.

Preeti tells Nandni that if not KT then she will go with her. While Nandni doesn’t want that as this is her planing to trap KT. She wants to share some alone time with him. She feels sad when she knows that KT will not help her. While when Preeti is about to go with Nandni, KT stops her and says he will go. He then asks Nandni let’s go. Nandni smirks and weeps her teary eyes. Later, Shivraj comes to Preeti.

He asks Preeti to never trust a woman like Nandni. Preeti says she knows that Nandni is not a good person but Arjun is still a child so she asks KT to help her. Shirav tells a woman like Nandni can go any further to get what she desires. There Priyanka cries recalling those bad memories. Kusum comes to her. She tries to make her calm. She tells Priyanka that it is not her fault. Also always fight for your self-respect.

She tells that there is no need to marry such a low minded person so remove your ring to break this rishta. She then tries to make Priyanka happy and got successful as Priyanka laughs at her jokes. She hugs her mother and thank her. There KT is Nandni tries to find Arjun. And Nandni remembers how she makes this plan with Arjun when he asks her to forgive him and she demands him to go rome around and come back when she called.

KT asks Nandni where she saw Arjun last. Nandni says they meet in the morning. He looks upset due to KT’s wrong decision. She tries to get close to KT while KT stops his car and looks at Nandni with dangerous eyes. There Kusala doing some strange things which Preeti notice. While Kusala is about to meet someone in the garden and Preeti goes behind her. There Juhi notices her CA degree and Kusum asks Juhi to do a job to help Sumedh. Juhi feels good, she hugs Kusum. Priyanka is also happy for Juhi.

Here, Kusala meets Arjun. Preeti who is following Kusala is stunned seeing Arjun with her. She goes to them and asks why Kusala did it. Kusala says she finds Arjun when he about to kill himself. Arjun comes forward and blames Preeti that because of her his mother stop talking to him, even slapped him.

Thus he wants to take this drastic step. Arjun recalls how his mother plans to mingle with Kusala so that she will file a case again her that she wants to snatch him. There Preeti smartly records all the things which Arjun says. She then blackmails him and asks him to call Nandni. Otherside KT forbids Nandni to come close to him. Nandni gets Arjun’s calls which makes her upset.

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