Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 11 November 2020 Written Update : Aman and Roshni help Shayari and Rehan

At the beginning of the episode, Bajigar takes Roshni and Aman towards the cave. Where they both hear Shayari and Rehan’s laughing voice. They step towards them and ask them about Rubina and Armaan. Rehan tells that Rubina has left from here with Armaan. They ask why they are laughing. Rehan and Shayari tell the duo that because of the smoke of laughter.

On the other hand, Rubina tells Armaan that if Rehan and Shayari stop laughing then they can escape but she will not tell them this. Roshni and Aman think of separating them from each other and reminding them of something that will make them sad which will stop their laughter. Both make a lot of effort to do this and eventually succeed. They are all about to leave, but then Rubina comes there and threatens them to eliminate Armaan.

Roshni says that there is no mistake of Armaan in it, so leave him. Rubina says that his mistake is that he is the child of Roshni and Aman. Rubina says that she will leave Armaan on one condition and that is that if Roshni will agree to give her, her heart. Next, Roshni tells this to the family. Aman says it is his fault. And because of his mistake, Armaan is suffering. Grandma says Rubina does not deserve Roshni’s heart. Aman says yes Roshni is the best and he has to protect Roshni and her daughter.

Roshni says how does he know they will have a daughter. Aman says his mind is saying this. Roshni says but she has made a decision and that is that she will go to Rubina on the day of the golden sun and Shayari will give birth to her child. Everyone denies this. But Roshni is adamant about her decision.

Roshni says if Shayari does not help her then she will seek help from someone else. Rubina thinks that the Junaid family is very strong and survives every time, so she will have to do something so that she can finish her work soon. Rubina tries to summon the golden sun with the help of golden dust. And succeed in her endeavor.

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