Qurbaan Hua 12 November 2020 Written Update : Neel came back

At the beginning of the episode, Nabeli comes to Parmukh and wishes him for his marriage. Parmukh gets scared seeing the oil tank in Naveli’s hand. Naveli gives says that she is not such an idiot that she will burn herself for Chahat. Naveli gives that tank to Parmukh as a gift for Chahat and tells him that she knows very well what he will do in the future. Parmukh gave a medicine bottle and told her to feed this after every six-hour to Chahat till marriage.

Parmukh went inside the Chahat room and said thanks for accepting his marriage proposal. Chahat wakes and was willing to go to Vyas ji and tell him that she is not ready for the marriage, but Naveli came and feed her a juice after which she gets fainted.

Vyas Ji says to Jamunaparshad that this time he will not celebrate Diwali, and he will handle all the responsibility this time. Naveli took Chahat to Vyas Ji and asked for putting mehndi on Chahat’s hand. Vyas Ji asked Chahat but Naveli with her hand Noded Chahat neck. Chahat anyhow fell in the absence of Naveli, and Vyas came and saw Chahat was taking Neel’s name.

Vyas Ji found a cloth outside the house Which was of Neel and predicts that Neel is still alive. Vyas Ji said Jamunaparshad that he should go to the factory for self-satisfaction. And told until he comes no further arrangements should be done in the house. Parmukh misguided and said that it is very compulsory to do the processing of marriage because Chahat’s health is very weak. The next morning Godgambhari and Naveli managed to bring Chahat for marriage. Jamunaparshad objected but Parmukh put down his objection. A man was carrying a monument of God and moving towards Vyas Ji’s house Neel took that from him and said he will deliver this.

Marriage was ongoing and Vyas Ji received the report that Neel is still alive and nothing was found in the factory. Marriage was almost at the end Neel came with the monument and shouted to stop the marriage and claimed Chahat is her wife. Seeing Neel Chahat ran towards him and hugged him Parmukh was shocked. Chahat gets fainted.

Episode end

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