Kundli bhagya 12 November 2020 Written Update : Sarla fights for Preeta’s rights

At the beginning of the episode, Daadi offers Sarla juice to drink. While Karan fights for Ladoo and Rishabh tries to convince him not to fight. Sarla tells Sherlyn that she should also eat laddoo. Preeta asks Sarla why she is showering so much love on Sherlyn. Sarla says that Sherlyn is going to be a mother, so it would be good if she eats something on the day of fasting. Preeta tells her mother that she is very good.

Daadi asks Sarla to stay at her house tonight. Sarla refuses and says that she should leave now. Sarla is about to leave, Luthra see off her on a very good note. Sarla is happy that everyone has honored her so well. She prayers for Preeta’s happiness. That’s when Ramona arrives. Everyone is surprised to see her. Ramona asks them what happened will they not call her inside the house. Kareena invites Ramona to come into the house.

Ramona goes to Mahira and tells her that she missed her a lot. Mahira pretends to be angry with Ramona. She tells Ramona that if she apologizes to everyone then she will forgive her. Ramona apologizes. After this Mahira forgives Ramona and Ramona gives Sargi ladoos to her to eat. And tells grandma to keep the ladoos made by her in the sargi. When Sarla learns that Mahira’s mother is giving her ladoo because she will also fasting for Karan, she gets angry. She asks everyone what is going on. She tells her grandmother that she should explain to Mahira that Mahira cannot fast for Karan.

Mahira says that she will definitely fast and no one will stop her. Sarla asks Mahira who gave her the right to do so. Kareena says that she has given her the right. Sarla gets annoyed with this. A fight ensues between Kareena and Sarla but Dadi stops them. She says that they should not disturb the peace of Karvachauth.

Sarla says how can she stay silent on seeing such injustice happen. Ramona flashes on Sarla and taunts her. Preeta advises Sarla to calm down. But Sarla does not listen to her. Mahira says if Sarla says one more word against her will then she will really kill herself today. Preeta shouts at Mahira and asks her to stop her nonsense.

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