Shakti 11 November 2020 Written Update : Virat’s aunty insult Preeto

At the beginning of the episode, Virat picks up Heer and brings her to the room as Heer has a leg injury so she can’t put down her feets. Virat tells Heer to sleep comfortably and is going out of the room. Heer asks him to stay with her one night. But Virat refuses this and goes outside the room. Heer cries and asks why she finds everything incomplete since childhood. Virat overhears her and promises that he will give her complete husband’s love.

Next, in the morning, Heer notices that flowers are flayers on her way. She is shocked to see this and is happy too. Virat tells Heer that he has done all this for her because her feet are hurt so walking on the flowers will ease her pain. Gurminder praises Virat. While Parmeet taunts Virat and asks him whether he has done all this for Simran. Parmeet asks Heer if she enjoyed walking on the flowers. Heer tells Virat that she will not walk on flowers from now on. Virat says Parmeet is saying all this just to harass her. Parmeet says why would she do this because Preeto has taken the contract to do so.

At the same time, Preeto comes to Parmeet’s house. And says that when in-laws are like this, then such contracts have to be taken. She tells Heer and Virat to follow her for the Pagafere ritual. Parmeet says that she only sees opportunities on how to take her son to Harak’s house. Preeto says it is a ritual, what can she do in this. That’s when Virat’s Bhua comes. As soon as she comes, she starts taunting Preeto. And starts cursing Soumya.

Heer asks her who is she. Virat tells Heer that she is his Bhua. Heer apologizes to Bhua and seeks her blessings. But Bhua does not bless her but says bad things for Heer and her family. Bhua asks Virat what he saw in this girl. Virat says that Heer is the best girl in this world, so he decided to marry her. Bhua tells Parmeet that Virat had fallen madly in love, at least she should say no to their relationship as Heer’s family is very stinky. Preeto tells Bhua that the family is also the same as she knows that her son is also in jail.

Bhua gets angry and she makes Preeto get out of the house. Preeto tells Heer to walk with her. But Heer refuses. Bhua is happy to see this and gives her Ladu Gopal and blesses that she will soon become a mother. Virat is shocked to hear this while Heer smiles. Preeto is walking towards her house and imagines that Heer is questioning her why she didn’t tell her that she is a eunuch.

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