Ishq Mein Marjawan2 11 November 2020 Written Update : Kabir creates a rift between Vansh and Riddhima

At the beginning of the episode, Riddhima is about to lift Kabir’s mask but Ragini’s health deteriorates and she takes her to the hospital. Siya calls Vansh and begs that pick up the phone. There Kabir regains consciousness and goes after Ragini and Riddhima. Vansh picks up Siya’s phone. Siya tells him that she has known who is his mother’s killer. Vansh asks who. Siya is about to tell but Anupriya snatches the phone from her.

Siya says that Vansh is coming here soon, so it would be better if she leaves her. Anupriya says okay fine I leave you now you can go from here. Siya runs away from there. Anupriya laughs and says that Siya is too naive that she could not understand what she meant. Ragini is about to tell Riddhima the truth but Kabir shoots her. Riddhima gets shocked. There Anupriya is about to kill Siya but Siya closes the door. Vansh also returns towards the house, Riddhima feels that Vansh is in danger, so she runs towards the house.

Further, before Siya could tell anything to Vansh, Anupriya gives her the drug which causes Siya to faint but before she faints she says “Ri”. Anupriya takes advantage of this and says that Riddhima has probably done all this.

Anupriya narrates the recording of Ragini’s phone, which makes Vansh believe that Riddhima has done all this. Riddhima imagines that Vansh has decorated the room for her with lamps. But after some time, the lamps are extinguished and Vansh gets away from her. Riddhima starts to panic and thinks about why she feels that Vansh is moving away from her.

She says that but she will not let anything like this happen. Further, the ambulance arrives. Vansh sends Sia to the hospital and is about to go to the hospital. But then Kabir interrupts him and arrests him in Ragini’s murder case, saying that his own wife gave him proofs which shows that Vansh is the clear culprit of Ragini. Vansh gets shocked and his leftover faith in Riddhima breaks. Kabir thinks that Riddhima’s love will be incomplete now. While Riddhima is facing difficult circumstances to approach Vansh.

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