Barrister babu 11 November 2020 written update : Diwali puja at Roy Chaudhary house

At the beginning of the episode, Bondita tells Anirudh that now that all is well, she will forgive him.  Anirudh smiles and says thanks to her.  Trilochan declares that now the entire Roy Chaudhary family will make Diwali with pomp.  Everyone agrees.  Bondita dances happily.  Further, Trilochan teaches Bondita the process of Lakshmi Puja.  Buttuk gets water on his mouth after seeing Ladoo and he stares at them.  Bondita notices this and asks him if he wants to eat laddoo.  Batuk says yes and is about to pick up Ladoo but Bondita interrupts him.  She tells Batuk that he cannot eat Ladoo before Pooja.

Butuk gets depressed and Bondita tells him to bother him further that only she will get the plate of Ladoo.  Batuk asks Trilochan who will get Ladoo.  Trilochan says that the one who will take 3 rounds of the world will get ladoos.  Bondita and Batuk are fermented. Trilochan narrates the story of Lord Ganesha to removes their confusion.  Bondita says she understood.  She runs away towards Anirudh and take 3 rounds around him.  Anirudh asks her what she is doing.  Bondita tells him that because he is her world, so she is revolving around him.  Anirudh is happy to hear this.

Trilochan calls everyone for Diwali puja.  Everyone is present for puja but Binoy is not present there.  Trilochan calls Binoy.  Then Bihari informs him that Binoy does not want to be a part of puja due to Anirudh’s displeasure.

Trilochan asks Binoy to join the Diwali puja.  Bondita tells Binoy that he should not hurt Trilochan’s feelings due to Anirudh.  Binoy ignores her.  Further, the puja begins.  Trilochan is happy that Lakshmi i.e. Bondita does the Diwali puja and by doing so she makes their house holy.  He asks her what gift she wants on this occasion.  Anirudh tells Trilochan that Bondita wants to meet Sampoorna.

Trilochan fulfills this demand for Bondita.  Bondita is happy and hugs Sampoorna.  Bondita constantly talks to her.  Sampoorna asks her if she cannot remain calm for two seconds.  Bondita says no.  She adds that today is a very sweet Diwali and she also wants to meet other Heera mandi friends of her.

Anirudh says he will call them home but Trilochan denies it.  Anirudh agrees and does not force Trilochan to accept his demand.  Anirudh says that one day it will come when he himself will give respect to those women like others. Bondita asks then she can’t meet them? Anirudh says they will go and meet them. Bondita also asks Sampoorna and Saurav to join them. But they refuse. Anirudh says no problem they will go.

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