Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 13 November 2020 Written Update : First Ayana help Aman

At the beginning of the episode, Roshni and her housemates arrive in the forest and wonder how they came here. The thread between Roshni and Shayari breaks. Roshni notices that this the golden sun night. She tells everyone that she saw all this in her dream. Aman says it doesn’t matter if she wants to change everything. Rubina comes there and asks Roshni to come with her. Rubina calls Hell’s jeans and says that if Roshni does not come with her, her family will pay the penalty.

Roshni says she is ready to come with her. Aman says but he wants Armaan first and then he will give it Roshni. Rubina hands Armaan to him. And asks Roshni to come to her. Roshni hugs Aman and then moves towards Rubina. Roshni looks at Rubina angrily. Rubina asks Roshni if ​​she is ready. Roshni says no she is not going with her. Rubina says what the hell is she saying. Roshni says that she knows that she will kill her family after taking her heart and she will not let her wish come true.

Rubina says no one can stop her today. Rubina notices that Aman is not there. Aman is going towards the moon he wants to take the moon to loosen Rubina’s strength. This remedy is given by first Ayanna to Aman she also adds that it can also cause Aman to loosen his powers. Aman says he will do anything for Roshni. He goes to take the moon with magic. But Bajigar becomes weak. Aman tells him to get stronger and tries to take the moon again but fails.

There, Rubina takes Roshni with her. Roshni asks Rubina why she brought her here. Rubina says that Aman tried to eclipse Suraj but failed. Rubina notices the ring in Roshni’s hands and gets nervous. She snatches the ring from Roshni so that Roshni cannot use it. Aman asks for help from Armaan. Saya Jin comes after Aman but Aman and Armaan dodge him. Roshni asks Rubina to give back her ring. Rubina tells Roshni that this ring is very powerful and she will not give it. Ahead, Roshni suddenly disappears from Rubina’s eyes.

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