Barrister babu 13 November 2020 written update : Anirudh teaches Bondita

At the beginning of the episode, Batuk apologizes to Bondita because he spoils her book.  Bondita questions him about the school.  Batuk tells her that he has 30 students in his class and they all have a lot of fun together.  Anirudh, Sourav, and girls enter the company.  Anirudh breaks the coconut.  Everyone is happy.  Batuk tells Bondita and he and other students study together and have food.  It seems like they are having dinner at someone’s wedding.

Bondita put the cover on Batuk’s book and said why there is no cover on her book.  Batuk says that because she is a girl and she should focus on cooking and not on things like studies.  But Bondita wants that she too has a cover and bag like the rest of the children.  While Anirudh asks Ramya Suraiya and other girls how they are feeling.  Everyone shares their feelings with Anirudh.

There, Bondita gets distracted by Batuk’s talk.  Bondita thinks she will make a bag for herself.  She stitches the bag with the button of Anirudh’s coat and with her sari.  Trilochan is happy to see this.  Next, she shows Anirudh her bag and books with a cover.  Anirudh laughs and says that studies can be done honestly and diligently, and other things do not matter so much.  Anirudh teaches the alphabet to Bondita, which is difficult for Bondita.

She thinks that even Anirudh will beat her like Masterji.  Anirudh says he will not do this.  Bondita says but still, she is unable to read it due to fear.  Anirudh sings a song for her.  Anirudh encourages Bondita and asks her to make her studies her friend because this friend will always be with her.  Bondita understands that.

Next, everyone is present at the breakfast table.  For some reason there is an argument between Anirudh and Binoy that spoils the home environment.  Everyone is upset and tensed.  While Bondita stares at them.

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