Choti Sarrdaarni 13 November 2020 Written Update – Sarab saves Meher

Everyone was anxious about Meher. Sarab chooses to free Meher. Meher states don’t come near. The mine will explode. Param pipes. Sarab says I won’t let anything appear to Meher. Param says mama get with me. Meher is uptight. Kulwant says don’t touch. Meher says go out out all of you. No time is left. Kulwant says we won’t leave you alone. Sarab asks everyone to go. Manav tells Bitu Rana to take everyone out. Sarab says mummy Ji to go from here.

Meher says to Sarab you have to live for our kids. Sarab asks Amrita to take the kids out. Kulwant is dropping. Meher says mama adores you, my kids. She caresses her kids. Sarab pushes everyone’s furthest. They bar the door.

Everyone shrieks and cries outside. He bolts the door. Meher is crying. Meher says go from here. You have to exist for our kids. Sarab says you’re my world. I can’t live without you. You are my world. The verse tere liye sounds.

Manav says please remove the gate. she examines to open the gate with her key. Meher and Sarab scream. They laugh at each other. Meher holds him. The shell bursts. Everyone is horrified. Aditi comes there and tells what occurred here? Everyone befalls to the ground. Everyone is shouting. Kulwant shouts Meher.

Every time is screaming. Param gets them. Everyone comes to him. Param says papa opens your eyes. Papa, please get up. Everyone tries to get them up. Manav dashes water on their face. Everyone is screaming. They don’t get up. Meher reveals her eyes. So does Sarab. Kulwant says my daughter is active. Manav gets up Sarab.

Harleen states praise God you’re fine. Kulwant replies I knew nothing would occur to my kids. Amrita provides Karan to Meher. They do a group embrace. Meher assumes no one can separate us. Manav glances at them.

Episode ends.

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